Posted on Sep 11, 2018
On September 11th, we were visited by Jack Martin (President) and Carmella Beiter (Vice President). They are the owners of the Marketing Communications business know as the J. Fitzgerald Group located at 12 West Main Street, in Lockport. The J. Fitzgerald Group is a different type of advertising agency where the goals were and remain simple. They are:
* Treat everyone - employees, clients and vendors with respect.
* Get the job done right and do it on time and on budget.
* Help clients achieve their marketing and sales goals.
The philosophy at the J. Fitzgerald Group is - "we don't let you down"
The J. Fitzgerald Group participates in the annual "Create-a-thon" because there is so much need in the community and it is a great way to give back. Over
the past 11 years, the J. Fitzgerald Group has served between 55- 60 non-profits.